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Digital Agency

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Interactive marketing helps clients achieve high impact visibility and faster ROI.

When talking interactive marketing, we don't talk strategy we talk logistics. how do we can drive a campaign simultaneously across all media and deliver more bang for your buck. Contacts us to find out how interactive can help you deliver serious impact across the board

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HTML ,CSS, Flash / Actionscript / XML, Javascript, PHP/MYSQL, .NET/SQL, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, C#, Android, Cocoa

The technology we work with is the same technology used to build some of the worlds most popular web sites, portals, ecomms and social networks. this provides us with the tools and infrastructure to build any type of online or mobile applications one can dream of. As web designers we can help you build web sites, portals, online auctions, online collaboration software, social media networks, virtual reality, online broadcast systems, search engines, mobile app's, intranet's, content management systems and even desktop software.

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At Channel 7 Media, our expertise is in delivering maximum creativity and fully integrated web design, build and online marketing solutions. By putting creativity & technology at our core, we offer our clients a more strategic integrated 360 degree approach to brand communications helping them create impact and stronger brand-customer bonds via new and emerging forms of media and mobile communications technology.

We are one of the London's leading digital agencies, covering the entire span of digital design, build and marketing services, including websites, interactive applications, flash, content management, social media, online broadcast, online advertising and marketing and mobile phone apps.

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New Media is new media, that's the bottom line, one can never assume that any technology is here to stay forever. Channel 7 Media was formed to embrace new and emerging media and to be creative with it. For us there is no better buzz then understanding how a new technology works and how to to make it work for usd and our clients, this is what we do, this is who we are.